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Companionship: Find Out How You Can Save a Life Today

Companionship: Find Out How You Can Save a Life Today

Depression, among many other health concerns, should not be taken lightly. It can sprout from a number of different reasons and can hit any age group. For seniors and those who need daily living assistance, they can be eased from isolation brought about by not having anyone to help them with activities that need to be taken care of.

In more ways than one, companionship can bring a whole new kind of well-being to a person, which is the very goal of our home health care in New York, NY to be able to provide a natural and unforced interaction with all of our clients.

What Does Companionship Bring?

  • Assistance with Daily Living (ADL)

    Individuals who do not necessarily need further medical attention can healthfully benefit from a companion at home to help them with like services:

    • Meal Preparation

      Nutrition is essential for all individuals, even for aging individuals who need assistance with standing up or sitting down. To make eating more convenient for clients, our home health aide in Westchester County can handle meal preparation without worry.

    • Housekeeping

      Often times during cleanups and other housekeeping, chores can cause accidents such as slips and falls. To prevent them from happening, we can take care of the house’s upkeep to maintain neatness and sanitation to give clients the time and space to relax in a clean home.

    • Non-Medical Transportation

      We provide transportation assistance for our clients to do errands, grocery shopping and attending regular doctor visits to ensure checkups are never missed and all their replenishments get attended to smoothly.

  • Pure Care and Concern

    Along with the services that companionship provides clients, they also get to relish these benefits:

    • Peace of Mind

      Families who wish to provide care for their senior loved ones can now arrange a trained aide from our home health agency in Manhattan whenever they are not around. There is peace of mind in knowing that you have someone whom you can rely on to look after your loved one.

    • Friendship

      With the training we provide our staff, we understand the factors that lead to a patient’s conditions. With our understanding, it has allowed us to deliver unforced interactions with our clients, help them with their needs and simply be there by their side and have a friend to be with.

    • Sound Mental Health

      Our companionship services not only afford friendship but it also keeps mental health in check. Feelings of isolation and getting forgotten by friends and families can trigger depression. To help lower these cases and give them a renewed outlook in life, a companion can do wonders and might just even save them from advanced aging and more.

With our compliance to HIPAA laws and standards, EmpatiaTM Home Care and Staffing is able to provide safe and reliable home health care services that keep up with the times to be able to meet the needs and standards of all those who need home health assistance.

Need a home health service within your area? Call us at 833-367-2842 to know how our services can help you save your loved one from isolation.

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