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Conditions Patients May Need Parenteral Nutrition

Conditions Patients May Need Parenteral Nutrition

As your partner home health care in New York, NY, we at Empatia Home Care and Staffing place the utmost importance on your loved one’s wellbeing. While there may be obstacles to getting the right nutrition, the right home health care plan gives you solutions.

One such method is through Parenteral Nutrition (PN) or sometimes called Total Parenteral Nutrition. An intravenous administration of food, this method bypasses the normal digestion supposed to happen in the gastrointestinal tract.

Parenteral Nutrition can be administered as needed from infants to adult patients. Although patients can live well on Parenteral Nutrition as long as needed, this method is most often given for a short period. Reliance on PN is then reduced until it can be discontinued. Along the process, the patient switches to tube feeding or eating by mouth.

Apart from the difficulty of food intake or nutrient absorption, there are other reasons a patient may need a PN. When a loved one is suffering from short bowel syndrome or bowel obstruction, the task to absorb necessary nutrients is temporarily shifted from the problematic organ-systems, giving them more focus to heal.

This method is also given to patients with severe acute pancreatitis and those who are critically ill. PN can be a component of therapy, thus, needed for a certain period. However, to accommodate patient needs, it can also be delivered as part of a lifetime requirement at home through a qualified home health agency in Manhattan.

Ensuring the body is healthy is important to getting better. Looking for a home health aide in Westchester County? Call us to learn more.

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