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Elderly Depression: What Healthy Habits to Adopt

Elderly Depression: What Healthy Habits to Adopt

Our senior loved ones can spend most of their time alone and isolated, and this is not a healthy contributor to their mental health. With too much isolation, they can feel lonely, anxious, and depressed. As a mental illness, depression can be treated and prevented when your loved one is engaged with healthy activities. Here are some of the senior-friendly activities we can recommend:

  • Exercising Regularly
    Being active on a daily basis can help the senior person feel alive, independent, and purposeful. If they want to go outdoors to do exercises, a home health aide in Westchester County can accompany them to ensure that they are kept safe on the road or while doing their activity. One of the ideal and easy exercise routines for them to do is walking, which, when done at least 30 minutes per day, can bring a lot of health benefits for their body.
  • Choosing Healthy Meals
    If you’ve heard that sugary foods can boost a person’s mood, this should figuratively be taken with a grain of salt. In their senior years, their sugar intake should be monitored because its excess can result to health complications, such as diabetes. When they get ill, this can be a trigger for depression. It’s important that they eat nutritious and well-balanced meals all the time. For help in preparing this, a home health agency in Manhattan can provide you with dependable help.
  • Relax under the Sun
    The regular exposure under the sun at ideal times of the day can increase the production of happy hormones. When it’s day time, encourage your senior loved one to stay outdoors and just bask in the sun for about 15 minutes. You can set a routine for them before 9AM because after that time, the sun can already be too hot and unhealthy for their skin. To enjoy the sunshine even more, they can have breakfast outside, go hiking in the morning, or spend some gardening time.
  • Visit the Doctor Regularly
    Seniors also need to know the actual status of their health condition. When they feel that they’re in their best health, they can avoid thinking negatively about their health, which can result to depression. Take them to their regular doctor’s appointments, so they can always be updated with their health status.
  • Spend Time with Others
    It’s indeed a mentally healthy practice for seniors to be in a gathering with other people. When they are with other people, they can have regular conversations together, have fun times with one another, and have someone to do productive things with. These are essential elements to boost their mental health.

As your trusted provider of home health care in New York, NY, we’re one with you in ensuring the overall mental wellbeing of your senior loved one. To help ensure their wellness and safety at home, you can seek for our assistance at Empatia Home Care LLC. We would also love to answer your inquiries about our services.

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