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Empathy: What Matters Most in Providing Care

Empathy: What Matters Most in Providing Care

At some point, your loved one might have complained about pain or discomfort. You then schedule an appointment and meet your doctor, get into the office, and the medical staff gets your loved one’s vitals. They then tell you the results. You might raise questions. Finally, you go home.
But somehow, you feel unsure. You feel something is missing. Your senior feel nothing better than when you visited.
There are many home health care in New York, NY offering different services. Empatia Home Care and Staffing separate ourselves by providing human touch to health care.
We connect with our patients and their families. Our professional home health aide in Westchester County understands what you are going through. This is important, but often overlooked step starts an effective care program. When there is a good patient and care provider relationship, the outcome tends to be positive.
We do not just hear you and your loved one say grievances or requests. We actively listen to your story. The genuine desire to understand your current situation could help you share more. Thus, the care provided covers more important areas than what was just initially said.
Health care providers must conduct themselves in the most professional and approachable manner. Nonverbal clues are indicators of what is going on. As your health care provider, we make sure you are comfortable sharing with us. At the same time, we would understand the pain that you are in.
Look for the home health agency in Manhattan that provides care with empathy. Call us to know more.

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