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G-Tube Feeding: Expectations and Reminders

 G-Tube Feeding: Expectations and Reminders

Gastronomy tube, simply known as G-tube, is a soft, plastic tube inserted in a person’s stomach to provide a way of feeding them. This feeding procedure delivers not only nutritious foods in liquid form, but also medications for the patient’s additional care. When your loved one is required to undergo this procedure, it’s important to know the things you need to expect as well as important methods in caring for this tube.

G-tube feeding is also a skilled service that can be more managed with assistance from a home health aide in Westchester County. Along with that, here is further information that can help you in caring for a loved one in this condition.

What should you expect?

  • Feeding your patient with the G-tube will require them to undergo a special surgery.
    This tube can also be operated by a button in about three weeks from the surgery.
  • Feeding your family member in this manner will take time in getting used to, and you will reach that time.
    Just remember that your loved one needs this regular feeding to strengthen them and improve their health.
  • You will be provided with sufficient instruction from your patient’s primary physician when it comes to using the right feeding formula.
    You will always have a team of providers of home health care in New York, NY who can support you in ensuring that this feeding method is carried out correctly.
  • The feeding bag of your loved one must be replaced every day.
    Their usage should not go beyond 24 hours.
  • In assisting your loved one’s feeding time, make sure that you have washed and sanitized your hands to prevent the spread of infectious germs.
    This procedure can be emotionally stressful, so it’s also helpful to always take some time to rest and relieve yourself.

What other reminders should you keep in mind?

  • The site for the g-tube feeding should be monitored approximately 1-3 times each day.
    Replace the dressing and wash the area with mild soap and water. If you need assistance in undertaking this task, a home health agency in Manhattan can provide you with skilled care providers who can do these for you.
  • When feeding your loved one, make sure that they are sitting down so that the food can travel efficiently.
  • When your loved one is fussy in the feeding process, pinch the tube to stop the flow of food until they become calm and ready.
  • Do your best to make every feeding time pleasant and enjoyable.

Your presence in feeding your loved one can be a great consolation for them, especially when they feel discomfort in the process. However, it can be more manageable for you when you know you have trusted assistants in providing them quality care. Our team at Empatia Home Care LLC will be here to help you make sure that the G-tube feeding process meets the ideal care needs of your loved one.


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