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Important Reminders When Talking to a Dementia Patient

Dementia is fully associated with memory loss. There will be times that they can’t recognize you and there will be the times that they can. There will be times that they can remember events of their past life and forget what they had for breakfast. You can expect to hear one or two stories over … Continue reading

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Who Are the People Involved in Your Home Health Care?

Are you considering getting a home health care service for your loved one who is recovering from an injury or for your senior loved ones? Be actively involved and collaborate well with the team to help them develop the most appropriate and effective care plan. Firstly, you should know every person involved and understand their … Continue reading

G-Tube Feeding: Expectations and Reminders

Gastronomy tube, simply known as G-tube, is a soft, plastic tube inserted in a person’s stomach to provide a way of feeding them. This feeding procedure delivers not only nutritious foods in liquid form, but also medications for the patient’s additional care. When your loved one is required to undergo this procedure, it’s important to … Continue reading

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How Seniors Can Benefit from Drinking Water Regularly

It may seem familiar and easy, but drinking water is very crucial in the overall health of the elderly. The main reason is that their senses for thirst can decline in the aging years. This means they are very prone to dehydration as they may not feel thirsty often. When they are dehydrated, more health … Continue reading

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Self Care: Guidelines for Family Caregivers

Family caregivers are in for challenging times ahead when it comes to caring for their loved ones. While it’s true that a loving service is a noble and note-worthy role, it can also be stressful and demanding for the person providing the care. Because of this, family caregivers also need to care for themselves in … Continue reading

Elderly Depression: What Healthy Habits to Adopt

Our senior loved ones can spend most of their time alone and isolated, and this is not a healthy contributor to their mental health. With too much isolation, they can feel lonely, anxious, and depressed. As a mental illness, depression can be treated and prevented when your loved one is engaged with healthy activities. Here … Continue reading

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