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Elderly Depression: What Healthy Habits to Adopt

Our senior loved ones can spend most of their time alone and isolated, and this is not a healthy contributor to their mental health. With too much isolation, they can feel lonely, anxious, and depressed. As a mental illness, depression can be treated and prevented when your loved one is engaged with healthy activities. Here … Continue reading

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Companionship: Find Out How You Can Save a Life Today

Depression, among many other health concerns, should not be taken lightly. It can sprout from a number of different reasons and can hit any age group. For seniors and those who need daily living assistance, they can be eased from isolation brought about by not having anyone to help them with activities that need to … Continue reading

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Lowering Stress Levels Through Home Health Care

Meeting everyday demands in life can get too exhausting, most especially on days when family and work both need you the most. For families who are primary caregivers to an ailing loved one, our home health care in New York, NY can help you lower your stress levels and maximize your time intended on caring for your loved one in need … Continue reading

What Puts QUALITY in Our Home Care Service?

As a leading provider of home health care in New York, NY, we always give substantial value on QUALITY when it comes to the skilled and non-skilled services we provide. Add to this, these quality services can be conveniently received right in your own home, where you will be most comfortable and familiar. How does … Continue reading

How Do You Get to Find a Trusted Home Care Provider?

Living in the busy city of New York can be fun and exciting, but it also comes with its own challenges especially when you’ve reached the aging years. There will be a great number of tasks that you might need assistance on, prominent of which is housekeeping. However, with highly qualified home health aides in … Continue reading

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Nutrition for Older Adults: Dietary Considerations, Management, and Tips

Your dietary needs can change as you grow older. To stay healthy, Empatia™ Home Care and Staffing lists some dietary considerations that you should think about. As a reliable provider of home health care in New York, NY, we offer these tips in the hopes of helping seniors live healthier, happier lives. Vitamins and Minerals … Continue reading

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