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How Seniors Can Benefit from Drinking Water Regularly

How Seniors Can Benefit from Drinking Water Regularly

It may seem familiar and easy, but drinking water is very crucial in the overall health of the elderly. The main reason is that their senses for thirst can decline in the aging years. This means they are very prone to dehydration as they may not feel thirsty often. When they are dehydrated, more health complications can occur.

As your trusted provider of home health care in New York, NY, we encourage you to ensure every day that your aging loved one is well hydrated. To inspire you in meeting this need, here are the benefits of drinking water, which is the surest way of becoming hydrated.

  • Building New Cells
    Every day, our body is generating new cells to enable us to function better. Even in the aging season, this cell production continues, although not as efficient as our younger years. Water is essential in the smooth flow of the nutrients in the bloodstream so the cell production can be carried out faster.
  • Waste Reduction
    With sufficient water in a senior person’s body, there’s a lesser chance for your loved one to experience constipation. These kinds of difficulties can occur in the aging season since our loved one may encounter digestion difficulties. When they are hydrated, digestion can improve, and so will the reduction of waste.
  • Balancing Chemicals
    Our body also contains other fluids and electrolytes, which are important chemicals that also help the overall functionality of our body. Water enables the proper balance of these fluids, so that we will not have too much of one or the other. For this reason, when your senior loved one lacks enough water, they may get dizzy, become unconscious, or even worse.
  • Lubrication of Joints
    When your aging loved one also drinks enough water with assistance from a home health aide in Westchester County, they will be able to function efficiently. Their aching joints can feel more manageable because there’s water that helped lubricate them. Joint problems can be very common among seniors, so drinking water is an essential practice that they need to do every day.

Dehydration is a serious matter for our elderly family members. Because they may not ask for water that often, it can be very easy to not realize that they are already dehydrated. However, when dehydration happens, our senior loved ones can be put in a very life-threatening situation. Since their thirst sense declines with age, it’s very important that we take charge of their water intake as frequently as possible.

With a team of care providers from a home health agency in Manhattan, you will have the professional assistance you need in properly accommodating the health needs of your senior family members. Our experienced team knows how to make sure that their specific care needs are addressed so their overall wellbeing is preserved.

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