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How to Manage Infection at Home

How to Manage Infection at Home

Empatia Home Care and Staffing has been providing home health care in New York, NY for you and your family’s peace of mind.
As your home health aide in Westchester County, we understand that navigating through the many healthcare options can get difficult. With a new household dynamics at play, certain things must be done while others must be avoided all for the benefit of the loved one.
While staying at home is a preferred option, it is important to keep in mind critical notes. This includes recognizing that infection can happen and therefore, the family and the healthcare provider must prevent it from happening.
One of the simplest things to do in preventing infection is washing or sanitizing the hands. Wash hands after coming home from public places, before touching foods, before eating, and before and after touching things your loved one will be using.
Keeping a clean environment might sound additional task but there is undeniable benefit from keeping things clean and in order. Dirt and dust accumulate more in cluttered areas which may expose pathogens to the patient. Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces can keep the contamination levels and is better done in schedules. 
When families have pets, extra care must be done. Pets should be groomed and vaccinated. As they may require separate care, the family must be ready to do the cleaning and training. 
Your home health agency in Manhattan is ready to help the family. Preventing infection is our work. Let’s work well for you and your loved one.

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