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Important Reminders When Talking to a Dementia Patient

Important Reminders When Talking to a Dementia Patient

Dementia is fully associated with memory loss.

There will be times that they can’t recognize you and there will be the times that they can. There will be times that they can remember events of their past life and forget what they had for breakfast. You can expect to hear one or two stories over and over again. They may also find it hard to comprehend on what you’re saying to them.

It would involve a lot of repetitive self-introduction and storytelling. Therefore, you may need great patience and sincerity when communicating with dementia patients. If it’s a lot to take in, you can always call for a helping hand from a home health aide in Westchester County. An added help wouldn’t hurt. It would bring convenience instead to you and your loved one who has dementia.

You might want to take note of these important reminders when talking to them face to face:


  • Keep calm to start a relaxing environment.
  • Get rid of any background sound or moving objects that may distract them.
  • Always speak in a gentle and respectful tone. Yet, don’t baby talk them.
  • Speak in a clear voice and don’t talk too fast, so they’ll be able to comprehend.
  • Don’t speak in long sentences. You can break it down into short and simple ones.
  • Be consistent in using the same words and sentence construction when you need to repeat an instruction.
  • Never argue or be aggressive with the patient.
  • Don’t blame them when they made a mistake.
  • Don’t force them to remember a certain event.
  • Be watchful. If they start to get irritated with the conversation, shift to another topic that they might like.

The reminders will help you to be more effective as a family caregiver. They are not too much to ask for if you are sincere in taking care of your senior loved ones.

The thing is, you don’t have to do it all alone. Look for the most reputable home health agency in Manhattan. You should never compromise when the well-being of your seniors loved ones is on the line. It’s time you give back all the care by choosing quality home health care.

As a trusted provider of home health care in New York, NY, it is not in us as well to just settle with a monotone service. At Empatia Home Care and Staffing, we always aim for the ultimate comfortability and good health of our clients.

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