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Lowering Stress Levels Through Home Health Care

Lowering Stress Levels Through Home Health Care

Meeting everyday demands in life can get too exhausting, most especially on days when family and work both need you the most. For families who are primary caregivers to an ailing loved one, our home health care in New York, NY can help you lower your stress levels and maximize your time intended on caring for your loved one in need when you have to hurry home on your commute.

Choose from our skilled or unskilled services that will best suit your care needs for both you and your loved one:

  • Skilled Services

    For clients who need in-depth medical attention, our licensed medical teams can perform any of the following services and more, securely at the client’s home:

    • Antibiotic IV Infusion

      Clients who have been discharged from the hospital and are currently recuperating at home can safely continue their IV medication which can be their antibiotics, with careful monitoring and the right administration of dosage from our assigned skilled or licensed nursing staff.

    • Any IV Insertions

      For patients who require blood samples and other IV insertions needed for health monitoring purposes, any of our licensed staff assigned by our home health agency in Manhattan can correctly draw blood and perform any IV insertions.

    • Tracheostomy Care

      Along with our care services, infection control is also observed among our clients currently receiving care at home. Tracheostomy care is performed carefully and regularly to prevent any form of infection.

  • Unskilled Services

    With assistance from any of our home health aides in Westchester County, homebound clients who require assistance with daily living can enjoy the following services and more:

    • Non-Medical Transportation Services

      Since some clients are still capable of walking and some only require minimal mobile supervision, if deemed well and capable, they can go on shopping and do errands with their partner home health aide by their side or let our aide take care of it for you.

    • In-Home Care

      For families who wish to have an in-home care service for their loved one, they can arrange either a short-term or long-term care with us for the client to have secure supervision while their primary caregivers are away.

    • Companionship Services

      To make time at home less lonely, we also offer companionship services so your loved ones can continue to enjoy the things they love doing while in the comforts of their own familiar living space.

Choose from any of our skilled or unskilled home health care services by clicking here to personalize the needed care for your loved one.

Caring for a loved one can now be stress-free when you have the right kind of help and assistance.

With EmpatiaTM Home Care and Staffing, care is a phone call away. Call us to create the most suitable care plan your family member’s needs.

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