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Notes to Remember Before Removing Stitches

Notes to Remember Before Removing Stitches

When surgeries require to cut part of the skin, the accompanying incisions are sealed with sutures. Sutures are the materials to close the wound. Although stitches are common, Empatia Home Care and Staffing pays special medical attention to avoid any risk. Your home health care in New York, NY offers suture removal as part of our skilled services.

Removing stitches on your own is generally not a good idea. Medical professionals such as a home health aide in Westchester County needs to look at signs of proper healing, wound closure, and infections. This evaluation is an important step in the healing process and if not done properly, can turn back the progress or make the condition worse.

However, when you want to do it on your own, you must be fully ready to do so. Have an in-depth discussion with your doctor. Listen and follow through specific instructions as well as their recommendations.

Infections and bad scarring can happen when stitches are removed prematurely. These are conditions you would avoid. Confirm with your doctor on the number of days for the wound to heal. If by then the wound still looks red or swollen, don’t remove the stitches and visit your doctor immediately.

Check with yourself if you are confident to do as instructed. You may feel empowered to do the removal after detailed instructions. You could also feel unsure and hesitant. In this case, leave the task to the professionals. When you don’t want to go outside the comfort of your home, callhome health agency in Manhattan and we’ll be at your doorstep.

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