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Post-Stroke Care: Helping Loved Ones Regain Lost Skills

Post-Stroke Care: Helping Loved Ones Regain Lost Skills

Stroke can cause individuals to lose certain skills. It can even lead to temporary or permanent disability of one side of the body. Those who suffer from stroke often need home health care in New York, NY. This includes physical therapy.

With the right care, stroke patients can regain the skills they have lost. Here are some tips on how you can help your loved ones regain their lost skills after stroke:

  • Addressing Physical Issues

    Stroke causes physical limitations. That is why many stroke patients receive care from a home health aide in Westchester County. The aide helps the patients in completing various tasks. These tasks may range from personal care to light housekeeping.

    To address these issues, your loved ones need to do physical exercises. Since the arms, legs, and fingers are the most commonly affected parts, the focus should be on these parts. A physical therapist can help identify exercises that suit the needs of your loved ones best.

    Take note of what these exercises are. Make sure that your loved ones perform these exercises at home on a regular basis. Patience is also a must.

    Your elderly may start to get discouraged, especially if the therapy plan is going on for a long time. Remind them to continue. Encourage them to fight on.

  • Addressing Speech Issues

    In most cases, stroke patients will also suffer from speech disorders such as aphasia. This makes communication with your loved ones difficult. A speech therapist from a home health agency in Manhattan can figure out exercises that will help address their speech issues at home.

    These exercises may not be enough. Alternative forms of communication may be necessary. Try communicating through sign language, picture books, or writing using their unaffected hand.

  • Addressing Mental Issues

    Stroke can impact the brain, primarily one’s memory. Stroke survivors may lose their memories over time. In order to avoid this from happening, you can encourage your loved ones to do mental exercises to battle memory loss. These include brain-stimulating activities.

Empatia Home Care and Staffing understands the challenges of caring for loved ones who are stroke survivors. We make sure to identify your loved ones’ needs and address them through our different care services. Call us today for inquiries.

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