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Speech Therapy Exercises for Seniors

Speech Therapy Exercises for Seniors

Certain conditions may cause speech difficulty among our senior loved ones. This might be due to damages in the left hemisphere after a sidestroke or brain injury. Whatever the cause, when our loved ones can’t communicate effectively, miscommunication happens.
Empatia Home Care and Staffing is your trusted home health agency in Manhattan. We provide speech therapy exercises to help your loved ones improve their communication that positively impacts their quality of life.

  • Muscle exercises including facial, lips, and tongues
    These are simple exercises your senior can begin anytime. Practicing tongue exercises help ease the muscles that help in the creation of sound.
  • Picture dictionaries or photo books
    When there is difficulty to read, speech sounds can be practiced through pictures or illustrations. The photos define a word and used as a visual aid to understand and interpret its meaning.
  • Reading exercises
    Reading scripts can start on short phrases or simple sentences. The reading material should be made readable for the patient. There is less vocabulary in the material to emphasize sound and speech patterns. Short stories or dialogue scripts can be related to exercises.
  • Word games and puzzles
    Putting an entertainment factor in learning is also effective. There are simple word puzzle materials available in stores or online. For patients needing practice on comprehension and visual practices, they can play card games. Tasks involving problem-solving, such as crossword puzzles, are great for cognitive training.

Your home health care in New York, NY will do a speech assessment to evaluate the current condition and plan out the appropriate speech therapy program.
If you are looking for a home health aide in Westchester County for communication improvement, schedule a discussion with our Speech Therapist.

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