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Post-Stroke Care: Helping Loved Ones Regain Lost Skills

Stroke can cause individuals to lose certain skills. It can even lead to temporary or permanent disability of one side of the body. Those who suffer from stroke often need home health care in New York, NY. This includes physical therapy. With the right care, stroke patients can regain the skills they have lost. Here … Continue reading

5 Ways to Overcome Isolation in Older Adults

Many older adults experience the effects of aging. Physical changes limit their mobility. As a result, they may need home health care in New York, NY. This way, they can receive help right at home. As physical limitations become overwhelming, the elderly may be left in a distant position from their friends and loved ones. … Continue reading

UTI in Seniors: What You Need to Know

As trusted providers of home health care in New York, NY, we do our best in meeting the healthcare needs of the seniors we care for. In our experience, we have observed that urinary tract infection (UTI) is common among the elderly group. UTI can be very discomforting. Yet more than that, it can also … Continue reading

Myths on Arthritis – Debunked!

Arthritis is considered to be a major common element of aging. This is a joint disease that causes movement difficulties for our senior loved ones. While this illness is very common, there are still prevailing myths about the condition. As a home health agency in Manhattan, we advocate for quality health care for clients in … Continue reading

What Puts QUALITY in Our Home Care Service?

As a leading provider of home health care in New York, NY, we always give substantial value on QUALITY when it comes to the skilled and non-skilled services we provide. Add to this, these quality services can be conveniently received right in your own home, where you will be most comfortable and familiar. How does … Continue reading

How Do You Get to Find a Trusted Home Care Provider?

Living in the busy city of New York can be fun and exciting, but it also comes with its own challenges especially when you’ve reached the aging years. There will be a great number of tasks that you might need assistance on, prominent of which is housekeeping. However, with highly qualified home health aides in … Continue reading