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Who Are the People Involved in Your Home Health Care?

Who Are the People Involved in Your Home Health Care?

Are you considering getting a home health care service for your loved one who is recovering from an injury or for your senior loved ones?

Be actively involved and collaborate well with the team to help them develop the most appropriate and effective care plan.

Firstly, you should know every person involved and understand their duties. Get to know the common members of the home health care:

  • Home health aides
    A home health aide in Westchester County can provide personal assistance to patients. It may include doing laundry, meal preparation, vacuuming, light housekeeping, and assistance with toileting, bathing, grooming and dressing. At times, they also do simple recording and reporting of the patient’s health status.
  • Registered nurses
    They are in charge of providing skilled nursing services. It may include administering medication, checking and recording of vital signs, catheter care, pain management and monitoring the efficiency of the care plan.
  • Physical therapists
    They provide personalized therapy that focuses on helping patients restore or improve their mobility skills. It may include developing appropriate and safe physical exercises.
  • Occupational therapists
    They rehabilitate patients by helping them become accustomed to doing daily living activities with their illness. It may include a little home modification for the safety and convenience of care recipients. The therapy helps patients live as independently as they can.
  • Speech therapists
    They help patients with speaking problems, improve their skills by conducting the right treatment. The therapy covers communication and swallowing skills. The service often caters to people who suffered from stroke.
  • Medical social workers
    They help both patients and families effectively cope up with the illness. It may include making access to community resources easier, educating and providing counseling to patients and their families.

They efficiently communicate with each other. Just like all members of the team from a home health agency in Manhattan, they work with a main mission to help patients improve their quality of life despite the illness, injury or old age.

We are a provider home health care in New York, NY. Empatia Home Care and Staffing offers a comprehensive skilled and unskilled home care services. We can always help you have a great start when it comes to delivering home health care to your loved ones.

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